Carolina Bay INSPIRE Program

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INSPIRE Testimonials

Over 85%  of residents are consistently participating in the INSPIRE wellness program at Carolina Bay. Feedback and results from INSPIRE have been nothing short of amazing. There are a number of success stories where residents have had life changing experiences. Several residents have given testimonials to what the INSPIRE program has done for them and how it has improved their quality of life, well-being and increased their overall confidence. Participating residents are feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally through INSPIRE’s person-centered dynamic programming.


Grayson Testimonial“Six months ago my husband and I moved to Carolina Bay from Topsail Beach. While I have always been active, I was excited about the INSPIRE wellness program offered at Carolina Bay. I knew that I was facing hip surgery and I wanted to be in the best possible shape. Little did I know how much fun my exercise regime would be! Down by the pool and the workout rooms is definitely the place to be! I decided to try the 8am water aerobics class with Nate. Never thought an older person like me could have such fun! Each morning I roll out of bed, drink my coffee and squeeze into what I call my “swim team” bathing suit- not very flattering to a woman my age but it fits the bill! By 8am anywhere from 8-12  of us were in the water and our Wellness Director, Nate Futrell took over. Working out had never been such fun! I began to really look forward to our 8 o’clock sessions and to feel more supple and energized. I even had a better, more positive attitude about things in general and even the hip surgery! All went well with the surgery and I came back to Carolina Bay in 24 hours! My recovery has been quick and I give a lot of credit to the INSPIRE program here. There is an old saying that goes “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” I believe I am living proof of that with the help of Carolina Bay and their enthusiastic INSPIRE program staff.”     ∼ Grayson, Carolina Bay At Autumn Hall Resident


INSPIRE Testimonial Photo 2“A few years ago, my wife fell backward on the concrete floor in our sun room. The result was a compressed fractured of a lower lumbar. She had a number of treatments and injections by an orthopedic surgeon followed by several months of treatment by a physical therapist. The only exercise she got was walking around the house with a walker and then with a cane. After breakfast and after lunch, she went back to bed and read and napped.

Last November we moved into Carolina Bay. Shortly thereafter we met Nate for a wellness assessment. After that assessment, we both started going to the Fitness Center every morning after breakfast and working out for 45-50 minutes. My wife is now riding the Nu Step 20 minutes and the recumbent bike 10 minutes each day. She works out at increasing levels on each weight machine.

We love Carolina Bay and have met many wonderful people, both residents and staff. One of the highlights has been the INSPIRE program in the Wellness Center. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do the Functional Fitness class with Nate. On Tuesday we do the Tai Chi class and Water Aerobics. On Thursday we do Yoga and Water Aerobics. We both look forward to each of these programs and enjoy participating. The team is a joy to work with. My wife is a different person since we have been in the INSPIRE program.”  ∼ Bob, Carolina Bay At Autumn Hall Resident


INSPIRE Testimonial Photo 3“My husband Joe and I are so delighted to be new residents of Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall. One of the best things about being here is the INSPIRE wellness program which has benefited us in so many ways. Since high school (just a few years ago!) I have had a knee problem which has been further complicated as I age by arthritis in that joint. In the past year my orthopedic doctor recommended a total knee replacement. In doing more research I became aware of the newer method of stem cell replacement regenerative therapy and decided to try that for my knee.

In the meantime we moved to Carolina Bay. Here I joined the Cardio & Strength Conditioning program for the purpose of strengthening my body in preparation for the stem cell treatment and for just plain good health! After several months of participating in the program, it was amazing how much stronger my body and especially my knees and legs felt.  Also I enjoyed “working out” in the Aquatics Center, an easy-on-the-joint way to move around.

Seven weeks ago I did have the stem cell therapy on my knee and have been enjoying the saltwater pool again as I wait for a favorable outcome from the stem cell replacement. The benefits of the low-impact exercise and relaxation in the warm water right now are “just what the doctor has ordered.” The options here in the INSPIRE program have been perfect for me! I can’t say enough about how much I have been helped by the INSPIRE program staff and everything available to me in the Wellness Center.”  ∼  Ann, Carolina Bay At Autumn Hall Resident



Jack Testimonial“Among the many factors in choosing Carolina Bay was the excellent, personal Wellness Center and INSPIRE wellness program. Enhancing that choice was the guidance and support from Nate Futrell, the Wellness Director.

We are convinced that staying healthy, physically and mentally are major ingredients to a long life. One can’t feel that aging is a reason to “slow down” while the wise person feels that keeping busy inhibits the aging process. My wife Carol and I fall into that latter group.

The key is commitment. Maintaining a set schedule is important so in addition to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Cardio and Strength group sessions, I have set three days a week to work out in the Fitness Center on the equipment. Not much interferes with that schedule. We have also continued our volunteer involvement in community and church activities.

Our aim is to stay in shape. Our hope is to live long, active lives. Our desire is to help Carolina Bay be an excellent place for individuals of retirement age to make their home.”  ∼ Jack, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Resident



INSPIRE Testimonial Photo (Charlie & Billie)“Why exercise?!

Good fitness for each of us is stimulating to our bodies and keeps these older bones and joints more flexible. A healthy body is more willingly active and leads to restful sleeping.

Here at Carolina Bay, under the helpful assistance of Wellness Director, Nate Futrell, they make exercise fun and beneficial. Such as water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, meditation and functional fitness classes and exercise machines in the Fitness Center. No excuses, there is something for everyone, daily. Please try to fit exercise into your schedule. The instructors are patient and understand that older folks are not as flexible as youth under 40, but we try. Many forms of exercise are not for everybody, be selective, get active, treat your body today to a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

Yes, we all have busy schedules but try working out with others, laugh and look forward to better body response. Billie and I often go in different directions but the ultimate goal is to keep our bodies active and healthy, for a great quality of life. Looking forward to seeing new faces at the Wellness Center and new participants in the INSPIRE program.”  ∼ Charlie and Billie, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Residents


INSPIRE Testimonial Photo (Dan)“In November of 2015 I retired from a medical practice that I enjoyed because of mobility and balance problems related to peripheral neuropathy. We moved to Carolina Bay a few weeks later and I began participating in the INSPIRE program and attending Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation sessions with the Wellness Coordinator. My wife Karen suggested that I also sign up for personal training before the trainer’s schedules filled up.

I have continued the mindfulness classes, plus personal training three times a week since then and have had a remarkable improvement in my balance and mobility. On a recent visit to family in Costa Rica that we had not seen for over six months, my son and his family were impressed with my improved mobility.

Having everything under one roof here at Carolina Bay makes it easy for me to continue exercise classes and personal training here rain or shine. Though I could probably function again in my medical practice, we are enjoying our life here at Carolina Bay too much for me to seriously consider that option.”  ∼ Daniel Gottovi, MD FCCP, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Resident


INSPIRE Testimonial Photo (Tom & Phyllis)“Living at Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall allows you to partake in the INSPIRE wellness program with classes offered such as: swimming in the heated saltwater pool (always with a partner), water aerobics with Wellness Director, Nate Futrell urging you to “pick up your legs and move!”, challenging your balance with the Wellness Coordinator, in Tai Chi classes, or practicing stretching your arms and legs in Yoga poses….it is all up to you. BUT you get inspired by the wonderful people who DO partake in these programs. Age and shapes of bodies are never a problem- we accept that which we cannot change and are content to be where we are. If you want to live longer in a healthy atmosphere, one must keep moving and here at Carolina Bay, we truly are INSPIRED to do just that.”  ∼ Tom and Phylis Abate, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Residents


INSPIRE Testimonial Photo (Sally)“As one of the first residents to move in to Carolina Bay, I have been able to enjoy the wellness facilities and watch more and more residents, like myself, improve with the constant care and programming the Wellness team bestow upon us.

It has been fun for me every time I use the Wellness Center. I wake up excited to start my day with a knowledgeable, friendly and cheerful staff. We really do have a good time even though we are being “put through the paces” of our individual or group regimens.

Who would guess that at our ages, fitness could become the I-N-S-P-I-R-E “fix” for our day.”  ∼ Sally, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Resident



INSPIRE Testimonial Photo (Arlene)“There are hundreds of retirement homes in North Carolina but guess what makes Carolina Bay different and perfect?  Nate and Erin!!  Every Doctor that has examined me wants to know what I am doing to stay in this shape? 

Water aerobics , Tai Chi, Yoga, Cardio & Strength Conditioning, and Meditation and I wouldn’t be doing this every day if it weren’t for the fact that the Wellness team makes staying healthy fun. Any time we have left is filled with wonderful activities and events planned by Erin! 

The whole Staff here is perfect and brings a whole new meaning to aging. I am so lucky to have such wonderful staff who have become family to me and Taze here at Carolina Bay. They are the only reason I am here instead of Wrightsville Beach.”   ∼ Arlene Pulley, Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall Resident