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6 Steps to Downsizing for a Simpler Life

May 18, 2015

After 20-35 years in your home, you’re faced with the task of moving. Simply put, moving is a stressful time requiring emotional, mental, and physical exertion. The idea of sorting, shuffling, organizing, packing, unpacking, and managing a move can be more than most want to even consider and the discussion stops there. However many forward thinking retirees are opting to downsize and move to a retirement community sooner to enable themselves to live a better quality of life free from the stresses of home ownership. Many are also moving to be proactive about their future health care needs and to ensure peace of mind for their family. As ready as you may be mentally to take the leap, there are still many things to consider when you’ve lived in a home for an extended period of time. The task of downsizing from your home into an apartment can seem extremely daunting and near impossible. One thing is true, in the end, residents that have chosen to downsize are much happier in their decision and wish that had done it sooner! Downsizing and moving does not have to be such a stressful anxiety-ridden time in your life. It can be exciting, full of new challenges, wonderful new friends, and an opportunity to ease your burdens of home ownership. To lessen the stress of a move it is important to begin small. Once you are settled you will be relieved and so glad you made this move…let’s talk about how to get you to that ah-ha moment!
  1. Start by emptying closets and storage space. This is your opportunity to “purge” belongings before your children, friends or loved ones are left to do it for you and likely not the way you would have done it.
  2. Identify items your children, friends or loved ones may want and give them away.
  3. Contact a trusted professional for advice; someone that can assist with selecting furniture to bring and furniture to leave/sell/donate. There are several agencies and individuals that specialize in the service to help organize your plans for your belongings. Some are all inclusive while others are a la carte services. Using an agency may make all the difference in making the move a bit less stressful.In Wilmington, contact:  C & L Movers, Coastal Carrier, Carolina Move Managers
  4. Take an inventory of your closet, anything that you have not worn in the last year, remove! Donate or consign.
  5. Decide on if you want to hold onto your home while moving or sell/rent your home first. If it is financially feasible to sell your home AFTER you have moved this option will make the transition MUCH easier. Having your home to store your furniture and belongings while you are moving the “must haves” allows you to adjust your plan and better set yourself up in your new space.
  6. Stick to it! Decide in advance the date you plan to move and begin living in your new home. Stick to this date and do not waiver. Once you are in and settled you will be so glad you stuck to your plan!
Deciding to move to a retirement community can be stressful, however the most common comment after a move is “I should have done this 5 years ago!” Change can be exciting and fun, and when you’re planning for your future and the peace of mind for your family you really can’t lose!

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