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The Widow Spy

January 12, 2016

Update: This event, scheduled for Wednesday, January 20th at 5:00pm, was attended by approximately 130 Carolina Bay residents and special guests!  A very special “thank you” to Marti for our exclusive review of The Widow Spy! Marti was also interviewed at Carolina Bay this week by WECT about her new book. You can see that interview and video here.

Carolina Bay Resident & Author, Marti Shogi,

reviews her autobiography for neighbors & special guests…

 prior to CNN in February!

The Widow Spy is the first hand account of a true Cold War spy operation in Moscow, told exclusively by the CIA case officer who lived this experience.  She was one of the first women to be assigned to Moscow, a very difficult operational environment.  Her story begins in Laos during the Vietnam War where she accompanied her husband, a CIA officer.  She describes their life in a small city in Laos, ending with the tragic death of her husband.  Then her own thirty year career begins in Moscow, where she walks the dark streets alone, placing dead-drops and escaping the relentless eye of the KGB.  Experience her arrest and detention in Lyubianka Prison, as only she can relate it.

What she reveals in The Widow Spy has never been told.

Marti Peterson spent her 32 year career with the Central Intelligence Agency as an Operations Officer, earning both the prestigious Donovan Award and the George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counter-terrorism.  Her career spanned the War in Vietnam, the Cold War and the War on Terrorism, each of them testing her metal as an Operations Officer on dangerous yet exciting front lines. Her contribution to her country originated in Pakse, Laos during the Vietnam War, where she accompanied her husband, John, a CIA Paramilitary Officer.  After he was killed in a helicopter crash in 1972, she returned to the US and began her own career with the CIA.  Her first assignment after her extensive operational and language training was to Moscow, USSR, one of the first female officers assigned to the CIA station there. From 1975 to 1977 Marti successfully picked up dead drops from recruited Soviet agents in the dark nights on the streets of Moscow.  The Soviet official and agent code named TRIGON, has been acclaimed as clearly one of the most significant spies for the US during those tense Cold War years when the USSR was headed by Leonid Brezhnev and guarded by the KGB.  She was ambushed by the KGB thugs late one night as she attempted to make a drop to TRIGON, was interrogated in Lyubianka Prison.  Her arrest and return to the US are often the substance of spy novels, but she is here to tell the true story of her espionage experiences as documented in the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, the KGB Museum in Moscow and in her book The Widow Spy.

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