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Resident Spotlight on Ms. Karen

It is a pleasure to do a Resident Spotlight on Ms. Karen Dusek. She is a Bradley Creek Resident Pioneer and Welcoming Director. Ms. Karen and her family believed in Bradley Creek even before we were open. Karen was one of the first residents to take occupancy of our apartments in 2016.

Ms. Karen came to Wilmington to be closer to her daughter, Denise. Her daughter shared with us how active her mom is, singing and attending performances. Of course, getting her classic red manicure by our Activities Director deserves a mention. As well as, volunteering to take on the Welcoming Director role in our community. Ms Karen is motivated and willing to try any new activity! She loves engaging with incoming residents. Especially, helping to get new residents involved. Ms. Karen is a blessing to our community. We are so thankful to share a little bit about her experience to Bradley Creek.