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88% of residents are currently participating in the INSPIRE wellness program at Carolina Bay. Feedback and results from INSPIRE have been nothing short of amazing. There are a number of success stories where residents have had life changing experiences. Several residents have given testimonials to what the INSPIRE program has done for them and how it has improved their quality of life, well-being and increased their overall confidence. Participating residents are feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally through INSPIRE’s person-centered dynamic programming. Here are a few:

“In August 2012, my wife fell backward on the concrete floor in our sunroom, the result was a compressed fracture of the lower lumbar. She had a number of treatments and injections by an orthopedic surgeon followed by several months of treatment by a physical therapist. The only exercise she got was walking around the house with a walker and then a cane. After breakfast and after lunch, she went back to bed, read and napped.

On November 5th 2015, we moved into Carolina Bay. Shortly thereafter we met with Nate for a physical assessment. After the assessment we started going to the Fitness Center every morning and working out for 45 -50 minutes. My wife is now riding the Nu Step 20 minutes and the bicycle for 10 minutes every day! She works out at increasing levels on each weight machine.

We love Carolina Bay and have met many wonderful people, both residents and staff. One of the highlights has been the Wellness Center. On M-W-F we do the Functional Fitness Class. On Tuesdays we do Tai Chi and water aerobics. On Thursdays we do Yoga class and Water Aerobics. WE both look forward to each of these classes and enjoy participating. Nate & Ajay are a joy to work with. My wife is a different person since we have been in the Wellness Program.” – B.N.


“Six months ago my husband and I moved to Carolina Bay from Topsail Beach. While I have always been active, I was excited about the exercise program offered at Carolina Bay. I knew that I was facing hip surgery and I wanted to be in the best possible shape. Little did I know how much fun my exercise regime would be! Down by the pool and the workout rooms is definitely the place to be!

I decided to try the 8 am Water Aerobics class, never thought an older person like me could have so much fun! Each morning I roll out of bed, drink my coffee and squeeze into what I call my “swim team” bathing suit – (not very flattering to a woman of my age) but it “fits the bill.” By 8 am our group is in the water and our instructor Nate Futrell takes over. I began to really look forward to getting the day started with the 8 am class and feel more supple and energized. I even have a better, more positive attitude about things in general, even the hip surgery. All went well with the hip surgery and I came back to Carolina Bay in 24 hours! My recovery has been quick and I give a lot of credit to our program here. There is an old saying that goes “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” I believe I’m living proof of that with the help of Carolina Bay and their enthusiastic staff!” – G.R.