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INSPIRE At Carolina Bay

In the last year the INSPIRE wellness program at Carolina Bay has consistently maintained over 80% participation from our residents participating in the program at least twice a week. The majority of our residents averaged 2-3 wellness programs each day! Our most popular wellness programs were Yoga, Aquatics and Personal Training services averaging 15 residents in these classes and around 30 personal training sessions per week. We have had a number of success stories and testimonies on the INSPIRE wellness program at Carolina Bay. Residents are achieving their monthly and annual goals of becoming stronger, gaining more flexibility, losing weight and feeling better. Participating residents have truly taken the program to heart and each resident has been truly “inspired” by their fellow neighbors and their own successes. Our annual Wellness Assessments are well under way and residents and staff alike are thrilled with the results and improvements our residents have shown and the huge strides they have made since moving in to the community a year ago. At Carolina Bay we have developed a culture of wellness throughout all departments from dining to life enrichment programming to healthcare and rehabilitation. Here at Carolina Bay, our INSPIRE Wellness Program Staff is eager to begin a new year and to make 2017 even more successful for our residents than the previous year!
INSPIRE …to be the best YOU!
-Nate Futrell, INSPIRE Wellness Program Director