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Define the Word “Olympian”

November 8, 2018

I am so incredibly proud of all the residents of Carolina Bay for their participation in our First Annual (possibly semi-annual) Carolina Bay Olympics. What began with a small idea, grew into something bigger and better than I had ever imagined. Inspired by the National Senior Games, I wanted to be able to provide our residents with some friendly competition in events specifically designed for this population. When you read this word “Olympian,” you probably thought of a male finishing a race with ribbon across his chest, a strong gymnast performing a stunt over the balance beam, a swimmer gasping for air and staring at the time recorded on the board, a volleyball player jumping up and down with their team after a great spike. When you read this word “Olympian,” you tend to not immediately think of a 92 year old playing water polo. I want you to shift your mental picture of the word “Olympian” because I am sure the above mental image you created was that of a younger individual. Think about this… an 89 year old finishing a 2.6 mile bike ride, a 91 one year old racing down a hall with their walker, a 78 year old balancing on one leg, an 89 year old playing corn hole for the very first time in their life and an 86 year old scoring the winning goal in Water Polo. My point in discussing the age of some individuals who competed is strictly to remind you that ANYONE can compete at ANY age. Our Olympians here at Carolina Bay might not be what you originally imagined, but I can tell you one thing. They are strong, they are talented, they are dedicated and they are competitive. Residents had a blast being able to compete in the twenty-five events. We had normal Olympic events such as water polo, water volleyball, swimming races, bike races, walk races (both indoors and outdoors), balance competitions, corn hole tournaments, bocce tournaments, croquet, putting and soccer. However, we also had some fun ones like balloon toss and balloon drop. Thirty-Four residents signed up and competed in the balloon drop event, which was a combination of archery and strategy-they dropped a colored balloon from the third floor onto a white bullseye. A few even scored a bullseye (granted it was their practice shot, so sadly, it did not count). Talk about some active residents. They want to make this a semi-annual event, having both spring and fall games. The Olympics here at Carolina Bay have inspired new friendships and new ties with neighbors not previously ignited. Floors received points for 1st – 3rd place competitors as well as cheerleaders who attended the events. This allowed residents who did not want to compete to be encouraged to attend and still receive a point for their team. All residents did an amazing job competing and cheering but I do have to specifically congratulate second floor for winning overall. Be on the lookout for residents practicing for next season’s Carolina Bay Olympics because a few have already began their training for next year. A quick shout out to all the UNCW volunteers as well as the amazing staff at Carolina Bay who helped and cheered on residents! Also, a shout out to the friends and families of residents who came to cheer! 1st– 3rd place residents received a certificate and 1st place residents received an engraved trophy. Below is the full list of first through third for each event. [one_half] Checkers
  • Larry
  • Jo
  • Mary
Pool (Singles)
  • Roger
  • Bo
  • Larry/John
Pool (Doubles)
  • Roger & Jim
  • Larry & Bo
Pool Volleyball
  • Bob, Pat, Tom, Clem
  • Ron, Beth, Jan, Betty
2.6 Mile Bike Ride
  • Ernie
  • Beverly
  • Tom
  • Peggy
  • Joyce/Gene
  • Bob
Corn Hole (Singles)
  • Peggy
  • Mary
  • Ruth/Dorothy
Corn Hole (Doubles)
  • Beverly & Ernie
  • Joan & Barbara
  • George & Nancy
Bocce (Singles)
  • Peggy
  • Larry
Bocce (Doubles)
  • Clem & Larry
  • Marti & Rita
Hall Race (Walkers)
  • Peggy
  • Joan
  • Katherine
Hall Race
  • Peggy
  • Shirley
  • Rita
[/one_half][one_half] Single Leg Balance
  • Tom
  • Robin
  • Ernie
¼ Mile Pool Walk
  • Beth
  • Marti & Robin
  • Barbara
4 Lap Swim
  • Joyce
  • Marti
  • Ron
10 Lap Swim
  • Barbara
Water Polo
  • Peggy, Clem, Tom, Betty
  • Beth, Ron, Jim, Jan
½ Mile Walk Race
  • Beth
  • Ernie
  • Sally
Croquet (Doubles)
  • Larry & Mary
  • Gil & Mary
  • Ernie & Beverly
Croquet (Singles)
  • Nancy
  • Mary
Ball Throw
  • Judy & Bob
  • Jackie & Aggie
  • Barbara and Dorothy
Soccer Goals
  • Mary
Balloon Toss
  • Ernie & Beverly
  • Ron & Betty
  • Elaine & Marti
Balloon Drop
  • Judy
  • Jan
  • Tom
  • Gil & George
  • Beth
  • Roger, Helen and Ron

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