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Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall is a very vibrant community, and we want to share some of the latest news, events, activities and snapshots with you.

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Carolina Bay Life

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone! Last week we were lucky enough to have some beautiful weather so we switched things up and took a few classes outside in our courtyard! We were able to get some good balance work in, while enjoying the sunshine and having a lot of fun. #WellnessWednesday

Tidy Tuesdays are a favorite!

Did you know that Carolina Bay provides weekly housekeeping? “Tidy Tuesdays” provide a very appreciated helping hand. Housekeeper Kim provides this service for Elmer. In fact, Tuesday is a favorite day among many residents. Obviously, Elmer loves this convenience.

Meet Mary-she loves quilting and embroidery!

Meet Mary – a Carolina Bay resident. She is known as an accomplished quilter and creator. She has countless beautiful hand-embroidered works! Since moving to her Carolina Bay Garden Flat last June, Mary has taken full advantage of the many activities. She enjoys all the classes and socials available. For that reason, she is meeting […]

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone! Here we have some of our residents participating in various stations during our advanced circuit training class. Each week we change up the stations, but never the fun! If it’s circuit training or joining the walking club, there are so many ways to stay active while having fun here at Carolina […]

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone! This month we added in a “March Madness” station to our advanced water aerobics class. Residents have fun cheering each other on while racing down the pool to score a basket! Exercise in the pool is a great way for individuals of all skill levels and abilities to stay active. There […]